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Lisa Johnson has had the privilege of working and collaborating amongst many industries in both internal corporate roles and with her individual companies.  After every project or event, key collaborators, team members and decision makers are invited to provide feedback on our work.

It is critical to not only collect comments from the client main points of contact, but also colleagues, vendors and industry peers.  We thrive on opportunities to improve, learn and grow!

Client + Industry Affiliations

  • VP Content + Excellence + Conference Producer - Industry Partner

    • As someone who develops educational and networking content for meeting professionals who work in the pharma/biotech/device industries, I'm always looking to find strategic experts in this space who can help me identify the issues and see the early trends. Lisa is one of those experts who can not only proactively recognize challenges and identify solutions, but also articulate these concepts in a way that really resonates with other industry professionals. I've been working with Lisa for many years and she continues to deliver, impress, and exceed expectations as a speaker, panelist, moderator, facilitator, or whatever is needed for the many different types of events I produce. I absolutely adore working with Lisa and view her as one of the leading experts in this space. I've leaned on her professionally and personally and feel incredibly lucky to have her as a trusted resource and friend. If you have the opportunity to work with Lisa, take it, you won't regret it and may end up with a lifelong friend.

  •  Event Producer - Colleague

    • Lisa is a true gem in the event industry. Her versatile experience and attention to detail are sure to be noticed. She is personable, a social connector, and always goes above and beyond for her clients and peers. Lisa is definitely someone you'll want to connect with. Lisa is a true gem in the event industry. Her versatile experience and attention to detail are sure to be noticed. She is personable, a social connector, and always goes above and beyond for her clients and peers. Lisa is definitely someone you'll want to connect with.

  • SVP Engineer Company - Client

    • Lisa played a major role in helping us plan and execute our sales meeting. Her suggestions for the event were creative and with our budget in mind. She also managed multiple simultaneous events throughout the week and they went as planned and without a hitch. She is proactive, friendly and easy to work with. We won't hesitate to work with her again in the future.

  • Executive Director Tech Association - Client

    • I have had the pleasure of working with Lisa Pagano for three years. She has been the consummate professional, always focused on the quality of work she delivers. She is extremely knowledgeable of the industry and best practices; offering recommendations to streamline our workflow and negotiate the best services for our non-profit organization.

  • SVP, Business Development and Strategy - Client

    • Lisa is an exceptional meeting planner and partner. She’s creative, organized, detail-oriented and committed to ensuring her clients have a successful event. She’s also kind, thoughtful and fun to work with. I worked side-by-side with her on our organization’s largest and most important annual management conference. Attendees rated it as one of the “best ever” conferences, in large part due to Lisa’s ability to orchestrate a multitude of details seamlessly, her ability to negotiate effectively on your behalf and her years of experience in planning contingencies for every situation. I’d work with her again in second.

  • Senior Vice President, Meeting Services Company - Client

    • Lisa is a great partner and excellent meeting planner. Lisa's personal commitment to both partnership and client success is top priority. It is always a pleasure to work with Lisa on developing and executing events! Lisa's personal commitment to both partnership and client success is top priority. It is always a pleasure to work with Lisa on developing and executing events!

  • Director of Events, Life Sciences Organization - Client

    • I've worked with Lisa on a variety of events over the past few years. She has a keen attention to detail and a mastery of meeting and event planning. She is energetic, positive and always up for a challenge. I can undoubtedly expect a raving client review of her work!

  • Visionary Design Professional - Client

    • Lisa is by far one of the most talented Event Managers I've come across. It is a true gift that she can remain the most positive spirit, while managing a multitude of projects, tasks and difficult personalities. She has a knack for sensing anything and everything that needs to be done. No matter how mundane or technical the task she delivers perfection. It is wonderful working with someone who embodies such high standards and ethics. It also a dream to have such a positive light with a contagious laugh.

  • Creative Lead + Marketing Strategist, - Colleague 

    • I had the opportunity to work with Lisa on a number of high level and demanding projects. She has the unique ability to identify the deliverables needed by each core project/person, and foresees solutions to make the process run more smoothly. She is great handling important items on her own, and wonderful as a support to an individual or team. She also has a keen eye for promotional marketing and is great at creating campaigns and using promotional products to market an event. I would recommend Lisa to any organization requiring specialized services with event and promotional product planning needs.

  • Chief Marketing Strategist - Industry Partner

    • I've worked with Lisa in a variety of capacities, as an event management colleague, as well as a promotional marketing partner. Lisa is a hard-worker who can multitask while watching the bottom-line. She puts her clients needs first and is willing to go the extra mile to make sure everything comes together. Her experience allows her to do a great job of staying one step ahead of the potential sidewinders that inevitably pop-up in the fast-paced world of event planning. Work with won't be disappointed.

Professional Affiliations


Ernst + Young


United Franchise Group

Plan Ahead Events, LLC



2018 - 2023

Bristol Myers Squibb

2012 - 2018


"Lisa managed the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year (EOY) event for the State of Florida. She has a profound work ethic and excellent project management skills.

"I worked with Lisa when she was with Ernst & Young, organizing major events for their six Florida offices. At first, she impressed me with her organizational skills and professionalism. Her ability to manage high stress, constantly changing situations and demanding clients while staying positive and upbeat, made her a pleasure to work with on all counts."

"Lisa has always been a very dedicated employee. She is an extraordinary tasked based individual who can easily manage many projects at once. She is very efficient and has a keen eye for design."

"I have had the pleasure of working with Lisa Pagano as well as being an attendee at many events which she has orchestrated. She is a consummate professional at the top of her field. Her extensive experience & vast knowledge of the industry guarantee a flawless & spectacular event."

"Lisa was a valued asset of CONNECT, a nonprofit organization in San Diego. She played an instrumental, leadership role in executing top-tier events that fulfilled the needs of event sponsors, while also furthering the mission of CONNECT. Through networking and event execution, Lisa fostered solid relationships with CONNECT members and sponsors; as well as local research institutions and business leaders."

"I had the pleasure of working with Lisa through two large conferences I ran for STEAMConnect. It was a startup effort with basically no team, then Lisa stepped in and turned everything around. She immediately made me feel supported and made sure that no detail was left behind. She's a master at what she does, and considering her go-getter spirit and teamwork mindset, I would highly recommend Lisa to manage your next meeting or event!"

"Lisa and I met during the planning of the San Diego American Marketing Association's Cause Conference - their biggest event of their year. The most people, the most logistics, and the most critical as their showcase and largest revenue generator. Lisa's coordination skills were tested as the event grew, in speakers and audience. Working with my marketing efforts, and other committee chairs, she consistently brought her A-game to her responsibilities, as well as contributing in one way or another to ours. I highly recommend Lisa as an event consultant and look forward to working with her in the future."

"Lisa led the events strategy flawlessly at BMS. She has the unique ability to be strategic, but also manages the details, to ensure our events were flawlessly executed."


"It was a pleasure working with Lisa while at Bristol-Myers Squibb. Lisa drove our Events Strategy when BMS was first starting to move into larger conferences enterprise wide & events aligned with the business, University Recruitment and our People in Business Resource Groups. With our first event, you could see the passion and leadership Lisa had in organizing a successful event and continuing to do so for the events that followed. Lisa went above and beyond to ensure a streamlined BMS presence."

"It is an absolute pleasure working with Lisa. Lisa is someone I know I can count on for any of my events needs. Her ability to work efficiently under stressful conditions and resourcefully manage and prioritize multiple projects is above par. She has great leadership skills and will not hesitate going beyond the call of duty. She is truly one of a kind and I would recommend her to any organization with meeting + event management needs."

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